Lego World Racers Wreckage Road 8898

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
World Racers Wreckage Road 8898
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World Racers Wreckage Road 8898 brought to you by Lego is an excellent Lego Racer set. Model# 8898-4617606. One of the major features is the build 2 race cars: red team racer with one throwing spike and green team racer with flick-firing missiles. Other features consist of start/finish gate and trophy included and 292 lego pieces. The Lego Racer set is 10.31" Height x 15.04" Length x 2.78" Width and weighs close to 0.8 lbs. For the greatest deal on this item or other Racers, visit our affilate button on this page.


Model: 4617606
UPS: 673419148276
Package Quantity: 1

X-treme Daredevils battle the Backyard Blasters on the road to victory! to take the lead the X-treme Daredevils race car fires its missiles, but can the Backyard Blasters stay within the race long enough to win? The Backyard Blasters have a slim lead. In this high-speed battle to the finish line from the city stage it � s the Backyard Blasters race team against the X-treme Daredevils! Includes 4 minifigures: 2 Backyard Blasters: Bart Blaster and Billy Bob Blaster; 2 X-treme Daredevils: MAX-treme and REX-tremeFeatures X-treme Daredevils race car and Backyard Blasters race carAccessories incorporate a start/finish gateway, trophy and winner � s platformRace vehicles each measure 6 (15cm) long


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