Lego Turbo Tow 8195

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Turbo Tow 8195
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Snap and make with Turbo Tow 8195 . I really loved that it has rebuild into racing truck with 8193 blue bullet. Additional features include things like can be combined with #8192, 8193, 8194, set contains 43 pieces and new yellow car lid. It's dimensions are 5.83" Height x 4.02" Length x 1.89" Width and it weighs roughly 0.2 lbs. The warranty for the Creator set is, customer service: one 800 838 9648. How to buy the Turbo Tow 8195 . Should you need a great deal for this Creator Lego set, click on our affilate button.


Model: 4568130
UPS: 673419130837
Package Quantity: 1

This pocket-sized racer is ready to tow and go! Rebuilding it with Blue Bullet and make a might racing truck! Equipped with a crane to tow other Tiny Turbos, this super-charged custom tow truck racer can help inside a hurry! Have much more fun by adding it to any fold-out LEGO® Racers set, or create a mighty racing truck by rebuilding it with 8193 Blue Bullet! Tiny but tough, this truck is always ready to tow and go!


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