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Lego Tiny Turbo 8304 Smokin' Slickster

Tiny Turbo 8304 Smokin' Slickster4 Star Rating
Tiny Turbo 8304 Smokin Slickster Lego Tiny Turbo 8304 Smokin Slickster Image 1Lego Tiny Turbo 8304 Smokin Slickster Image 2Lego Tiny Turbo 8304 Smokin Slickster Image 3
Snap And Build With The Tiny Turbo 8304 Smokin', In Orange

The fun way to build with Tiny Turbo 8304 Smokin' Slickster I believe you will like that it includes combines with the 8303 demon destroyer to create a super truck. Additional features include orange, quick build and slick speedster. It weighs somewhere around 0.19 lbs. The color for the Racer set is orange. Tiny Turbo 8304 Smokin' .

lego tiny turbo smokin' slickster huge

List Price: $9.99
Today's Price: $13.76
Brand: LEGO
Model: 4611103
UPC: 673419144223
Color: Orange

LEGO Tiny Turbo Smokin' Slickster capabilities a massive engine and racing exhausts. The toy is handy and modest. FeaturesQuick and easy to buildConsists of colorful elementsCombines with all the 8303 Demon Destroyer to generate a super truckHas slick speedsterEasy to useIncludes: Instruction material The toy with a sleek design can be employed by kids to play the game of their choice. Children can use this toy to make different vehicles. It attributes a super-sleek design. The rough and tough toy is fun for kids and when combined using the 8303 Demon Destroyer, the end result is truly a super truck. The truck can surpass minor obstacles effortlessly allowing kids to experience a thrilling and adventurous playtime.

  • Quick build
  • Orange
  • 44 elements
  • Combines with the 8303 Demon Destroyer to create a super truck
  • Slick speedster
  • Count: 1
  • Product Weight: 0.19 lbs.
  • Package: Height: 1.8" Length: 5.6" Width: 3.9"
  • Package Weight: 0.04 lbs.

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