Lego Racers Desert Hammer

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Racers Desert Hammer
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Kids go wild to receive a Racers Desert Hammer . I actually loved that the item has the feature of the pendulum decorated with horned cow skull. Other features include things like two ramps are included and contains 510 pieces. The Lego Racer set is 15.12" Height x 15.12" Length x 2.83" Width. It has a weight of 2.3 lbs. The magic formula to finding good information about Lego Racers is to always look at a wide range of review articles. Be certain you look at the cost of Racers Desert Hammer , add to cart by clicking on the link below.


Model: 8496
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Blast past the swinging hammer! Try not to crash into the swinging hammer pendulum! Jump the racers through the ring! In this match of speed and timing, who will win. It's the ultimate desert showdown! Use the pull-back motor and slammer to send the racer up the ramp! Includes 2 racers, ramps, ring with swinging pendulum, and slammer! and who will get smashed down? Use the pull-back motor and power slammer launcher to send these two tough Power Racers blazing up the ramp and hurtling by signifies of the wild Western ring with swinging hammer pendulum.


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