Lego Racers 8140 Tow Trasher

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
Racers 8140 Tow Trasher
Lego Racers 8140 Tow Trasher Image 1

It's dimensions are 11.4" Height x 2" Length x 11.4" Width and weighs close to 0.95 lbs. The product number for this is 8140. Great deal on Racers 8140 Tow Trasher , visit the link below.


Model: 673419092036
UPS: 673419092036

The skull on the hood and the hook on the back are a warning that this is no ordinary tow truck. With its pull-back motor and smash-apart action, the hood and side spoilers pop off on impact, then reset for the subsequent crash. The mighty Tow Trasher is right here to smash all comers and haul its beaten opponents off towards the junkyard. 182 pieces.


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