Lego ® Racers Hero 7970

Consumer Rating Rating 4 Stars
174 Racers Hero 7970
Lego 174 Racers Hero 7970 Image 1Lego 174 Racers Hero 7970 Image 2Lego 174 Racers Hero 7970 Image 3

Best way to create with the Lego Racers Hero 7970 I believe you will like that the item comes along with connect pump to the car, stomp on the air stomper with your foot to launch the car. Additional features include things like stomp-powered police pursuit and 68 lego pieces. The Lego Racer set is 5.55" Height x 10.31" Length x 2.83" Width and it weighs around 0.4 lbs. The warranty these Racers come with is, contact customer services @ eight hundred 838 9665.


Model: 4567963
UPS: 673419130066
Package Quantity: 1


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